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The Sénart business centre adapts to suit your requirements...


The Sénart business centre is a structure designed to welcome and host companies, it provides the following services:

  • Office rentals
  • Pooled business services (customised switchboard, reception and distribution of mail, meeting rooms…)
  • Support in business development (group information sessions, consultations with experts and individual support.

Above all, the business centre’s role is to enable companies to focus on their core business by providing them a well-adjusted range of services and advice.

The business centre is also a place where new businesses can come together in a friendly atmosphere to develop their skills and step back to take some hindsigpre-tax.

In 2010 the Sénart business centre received the Ile de France Agence Régionale de Développement label for the quality of its services, and since then has been acknowledged as "A Paris Region International Business Location".

The Sénart territory

Sénart is the leading centre of economic development in the South East Ile de France region.

It was founded in 1973 by the State and is the most recent among the 5 new towns, considered to be national interest ventures, in the Paris region.

In terms of equipments and infrastructure, Sénart has a number of assets: 30 km from Paris, an exceptional environment, several motorways (N104, A5, A6), an efficient suburban train network (RER D), a business-oriented university campus, considerable reserves of land and a city centre, the Carré Sénart. Sénart, a fast growing centre in a quality environment.

Sénart, a fast growing centre in a quality environment.

Carre senart Carre senart

Key data:

  • 8 towns
  • 98,000 inhabitants
  • 3,000 businesses
  • 36,600 jobs
  • over 2,500 students
  • 1,643 acres of business zones and 380 acres available for economic activities


  • Lieusaint-Moissy RER (suburban train network) station, 35 minutes from the Gare de Lyon railway station in the centre of Paris
  • A5 Francilienne motorway
  • 40 minutes from Roissy Charles de Gaulle and 20 minutes from Orly airports
Carte des communes de senart

Terms and conditions

The Sénart business centre can set up conventions to provide business premises, resources or domiciliation facilities, whether you are an entrepreneur*, a growing business* or in need of a domiciliation**.

  • You are an entrepreneur
    Companies under 4 years old, including subsidiaries and buy-outs.
    Set rate: €223 pre-tax/square metre/year.
  • You are a growing business
    Companies over 4 years old.
    Set rate: €271 pre-tax/square metre/year.

    According to these conventions the business centre provides:
    1.  Unfurnished offices.
    2. Services: reception of visitors, customised switchboard (if you are unavailable, we answer in the name of your company), reception and distribution of mail and faxes, daily franking and posting of your mail (charged at current postal rates with no extra cost), meeting rooms (5 to 25 people at the most), black/white and colour copy machines and faxes (with a charge), binding machines, overhead projectors, screens, televisions, daily cleaning service, cafeteria, refrigerators and microwave ovens.
    3. Coordination of the business centre, documentation (press, magazines, specialised documentation), general advice in business creation, access to public and private networks specialised in the creation and development of businesses, access to information sessions and consultations with experts organised within the business centre, professional support (if required): help in identifying and explaining problems needing to be solved and in setting up action plans, assessment of needs in terms of training and funding, regular monitoring of your  business activities, management and information tools, help in fitting into the local economic environment and in setting up business afterwards.
  • You need a domiciliation

    This contract, at the set rate of €183 pre-tax, includes:

    1. Domiciliation of your head-office.
    2. Reception and re-direction (at current postal rates) of your mail twice a week. Your mail can also be put at your disposal daily at the business centre.
    3. Access to coordination and information sessions and consultation with experts organised by the business centre.

Renting meeting rooms for external and domiciled companies
  • 1 hour
  • 1/2 day
  • 1 day
  • €23,00 pre-tax
  • €46,00 pre-tax
  • €84,00 pre-tax
Franking   Current postal rates

Simple envelopes
(1 page without folding)

  • 1 to 100 envelopes
  • 101 to 500 envelopes
  • more than 500 envelopes
  • €0,15 pre-tax/envelope
  • €0,12 pre-tax/envelope
  • €0,09 pre-tax/envelope
Complex envelopes
(several pages and/or folding)
  • 1 to 100 envelopes
  • 101 to 500 envelopes
  • more than 500 envelopes
  • €0,20 pre-tax/envelope
  • €0,16 pre-tax/envelope
  • €0,12 pre-tax/envelope
  • Secretariat service per hour (customer follow-up, schedule planning, filing assistance…)
  • Simple mail
  • Mail in foreign language (excluding translation)
  • Simple chart
  • Complex chart (formulas)
  • Data capture of address file/ Mail shot
  • €18,00 pre-tax/hour
  • €4,00 pre-tax/page
  • €5,50 pre-tax/page
  • €4,00 pre-tax/page
  • €5,50 pre-tax/page
  • €0,20 pre-tax/destinataire
  • Black/white laser print out
  • A4 colour print out
  • A3 colour print out
  • €0,08 pre-tax/page
  • €0,8 pre-tax/page
  • €1,6 pre-tax/page
  • Emission or reception
  • €0,15 pre-tax/page
  • 1 line (monthly subscription)
  • 1 in-house number with no external calls
  • Telephone handset (rental)
  • Internet connection (Optic Fibre)
  • Connection to Optic Fibre or telephony in meeting room
  • Communications
  • €13,10  pre-tax/month
  • €13,10 pre-tax/month
  • €8,00 pre-tax/month
  • €38,00 pre-tax/month
  • €15,00 pre-tax
  • Current rates
  • A4 and A3 black/white
  • A4 and A3 colour
  • €0,06 pre-tax/page
  • €0,6 pre-tax/page
Binding (pin or thermal)
  • up to 20 pages
  • between 21 and 40 pages
  • over 40 pages
  • €1,50 pre-tax/document
  • €2,30 pre-tax/document
  • €3,10 pre-tax/document
Office supplies  
  • cost price

* The convention is valid for a period of 4 years, it is payable in advance and on a monthly basis. The termination notice period is of three months. A deposit, equivalent to 2 months set rate plus €77 administrative charges (pre-tax), will be required. Should you wish to make a precise estimation of the cost of rental at the Sénart business centre, take into account: postage (current rates), telephone subscription (s), Optic Fibre connection, photocopies and fax charges (if you use these services). All our rates are detailed in the attached document. We add that your admission to the Sénart business centre is subject to the agreement of a Committee (Comité d’Agrément) composed by the centre’s associates (Sénart Syndicat d’Agglomération Nouvelle, Seine-et-Marne Département, Consular Chambers, Sénart Etablissement Public d’Aménagement, Sénart Entreprises: Association of Sénart companies’ CEO’s). We therefore request that you submit an application file (such as a business plan) to this Committee.

**This contract is valid for one year, it is payable per quarter and in advance. It is renewed by tacit agreement. A deposit of €140 plus €38 administrative charges (pre-tax) will be required. We add that your domiciliation within the Sénart business centre is subject to approval of your application by the Director. The required application file must include: presentation of the company, the company’s director, market research and a financial forecast, approved by an organism specialised in supporting new businesses.